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Why not explore the islands of Dalmatia your way? - by boat! 
Select from Acadia's variety of recreational boats, get out on the ocean and experience what makes Croatia so great.


Jokerboat Clubman 22

Very easy to use, manages waves with grace. Plenty of sunbathing space in the front and with a comfortable dinette at the stern that transforms into a huge sundeck area when needed. Great for chartering as the Clubman 22 offers space on board making it a captivating vessel for everyone who likes to take friends and family for a daily stroll. Availability on request.

Jokerboat Clubman 24

The Clubman 24 marks the beginning of the larger Clubman models. It is a spacious, sturdy and well build boat with all it’s priorities in place. Perfect to enjoy a day on water with friends and family and spacious enough to accomodate any optional for your confort. The Clubman 24 comes with a large nose at the bow, to ease the disembarkation at the pier and to house the anchor with windlass to avoid any water entering the front storage space. Upon request it can mount a smaller nose and have a hole for the anchor cut in the hull, with a small modification, to avoid water insinuation. Availability on request.

Jokerboat Clubman 26

Probably one of the best-selling recreational boats in the Clubman range. The reason for its success is in the simplicity, comfortable size and affordable price. In Addition, the great amount of accessories that can be mounted on its deck gives it an edge when coming down to a final decision between which model would suit you best. And the sorage space under each locker is huge. Availability on request.

Jokerboat Clubman 28

The Clubman 28 features a large bow (front) sunbathing area, always enlarged due to the conformation of the consolle, and a comfortable dinette at the stern (back), that doubles as a equally large sunbathing space when the stow away table is used as a platform; the Clubman 28 is the ideal RIB for a family at sea. To make it even more family friendly it features: a bathroom within the consolle (with WC, sink and small shower); a small kitchen with 2/3 fires (gas or induction heating, can be substituted with a teak cutting board), a sink under the driver’s seat and a comfortable stow away table with two positions. Availability on request.

Jokerboat Mainstream 800

The Mainstream 800 was designed to be noticed. It is an RHIB that can be both beautiful and elegant as well as aggressive and stylish. The shape of the hull will definitely be a huge advantage for users since the boat is fast and handles greatly. With a decent audio system and a couple of bottles of champagne, you are sure to impress even the most sea skeptical. Availability on request.

Jokerboat Wide 520

The wide 520 is an optimal recreational RHIB boat. It offers space, comfort, ease of sail and can carry up to 8 people at a time. Key features are storage spaces to the bow, where all safety equipmnet can be stored easily and accessed quirky; as at the stern where 3 people, 1,70m tall could fit laying flat, on the hull’s floor. The wide 520 is small and sturdy. A wide hull guarantees great stability both in marche and whilst at moor. Availability on request.

MV Marine 18 GT 2019

MV Marine boats just like the 18 GT Technology are computer-designed. This beautiful boat comes with optimal speed, fuel consumption, habitability and technical details. Availability on request.

MV Marine 27 GT 2019

Just like the 18 GT also the GT 27 is computer-designed. This beautiful boat comes with optimal speed, fuel consumption, habitability and technical details. It offers space for up to 12 people. Availability on request.